Foodies in San Ignacio

San Ignacio town is very lucky in that there are many different types of food. San Ignacio has the standard Belizean food, along with Indian, Chinese, American, Sri Lankan, Italian, and many others. San Ignacio has some of the highest quality food in Belize. On second thought, luck has nothing to do with it! Many restaurants are located downtown, and there are quite a few great restaurants that are scattered around town too.

  • La Fonda – Phone: 501- 221 8744
  • Erva's – Phone: 501-824-2821
  • Hannah's – Phone:501- 824-3014
  • Serindib – Phone: 501- 824-2302
  • Amore Mio - Phone: 501- 602-8365
  • Sweet Ting – Phone: 501-601-7263
  • Mr Greedy's too – Phone: 501- 804-4688
  • Rolson's Cocina – Phone: 501-824-2730

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