What an incredible adventure in the Canyon of Rio perdido!

Rio perdidoRio perdido Bridge

Last sunday morning in Rio Perdido was definitively unforgettable.

First, we indulged in a tubing journey throughout the canyon of Rio Blanco. Although it was extremely relaxing, we jumped from almost 4 meters high into the river to start the journey: so scary!

Then, we enjoyed a zip-lining experience over the canyon which included some climbing, suspension bridge (the guide were shaking as we passed across) and Tarzan Swing.

I think it was one the most vertiginous experiences in my life as far!



Excellent experience in Rio Perdido Hotel!

rio perdidoimageBeautiful property you would not expect in the middle of nowhere. They just received a price for architecture achievement or similar, when you walk into the lobby/restaurants you see why.

From the restaurant you have a beautiful view and the surrounding dry forest, which in dry season is not as lush. The building, terraces, and furniture however blend perfectly into the environment. Below the

The entire property is huge, with different trails and signs of where to go and what to do.  restaurant is a pool area, in total they have three pools, all different temperatures and natural thermal waters.

Just a few steps away from the restaurant is a platform, where you have this view into the canyon:


Great surprise in Arenas del mar

upper-level-buildingsI went to see Arenas del Mar and did an extensive site inspection and was positively surprised !

To me all the rooms looked in excellent shape, I also thought the bathrooms looked fine, nothing on the property is run down from the lobby at the parking lot up to the rooms and other facilities. 

Last time I saw this property was when it was fairly new, not many trees had grown....everything I saw now I loved. Arenas del Mar is surrounded by lush vegetation, I saw two sloths and even a baby sloths in the hour i was there, plus monkeys, iguanas and other animals...


The Corn Islands in Nicaragua are beautiful!!

Yemaya island hideawayUpon arrival at Big Corn you take a cab (5 minutes, 1 USD) to the pier. The prices are fixed so there is no negotiating thank god. The cars are crap, you have to consider that this is a very poor area in Nicaragua and they work with what they have. People were extremely friendly - remember I am blond travelling alone, I never felt unsafe !!

The boat ride from Big Corn to Little Corn is either in a bigger Yacht with inside seating (don´t think of a nice boat) or a lancha with no roof, I had both the lancha going there and the “yacht” coming back.

You arrive at the beach of Little Corn, so you take of your shoes and jump into the clear water and walk to the beach. The managers greet clients with a wet towel and welcome drink at the beach, meanwhile your luggage is brought to the room..


I stayed in Jicaro Lodge!

Jicaro Lodge


15 min scenic boat ride from Granada. Wonderful welcome at the dock with welcome drink

and fresh towel. Staff very friendly, rest and food GREAT!!!

There is no air conditional, but natural ventilation and, above the bed, a fan. I slept great it was not hot at all although it gets pretty hot during the day.Pool are and the whole setting of the island just very nice, natural but luxurious. The Casitas are two story buildings, all are lake front. The bedroom is upstairs, surrounded by windows.



The joy of going back

Yemaya island hideaway2014-05-30 13.05.29

I was on an experiential inspection trip through Costa Rica & Nicaragua: exploring new adventures, experiencing everything from public boat rides and rustic eco-lodges (with a frog living in my bathroom sink) to stunning luxury boutique properties with serene views & landscapes.


• The view from Kura Villas, Uvita on the South Pacific Coast of Costa Rica
• Experiencing a tropical storm while Kayaking through Mangroves at Marina Ballena Nationalpark
• Discovering Rio Perdido which compares to a natural wonder
• Coffee at sunrise while listening to the jungle awaken, especially the Howler Monkeys
• Snorkeling at Yemaya Island Hideaway on Little Corn Island, Nicaragua: pristine beaches and crystal clear water

It takes time to get a sense of a country and its people: Central America has so many more place to discover that I will never get tired of going back !