Reggae night in Leon

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IMG 3527Our last destination in Nicaragua was Leon, such a cool experience…was Leon, a quiet and authentic city where we could feel the real Nicaraguans way of life.

After visiting its colonial-styled churches, we attended a local group concert by night in a little outdoor bar, another opportunity to enjoy the welcoming and the friendliness of this population.  Having a drink and listening reggae music with friends under the starry sky of Leon, such a cool experience…

Marine, French intern in Albee Adventures.

Is this the mouth of hell?

P1020122We also wanted to visit the Masaya Volcano National Park, one of the largest ones in Central America. As we were taken aboard by a friendly worker, we rolled up the 6 km way to the summit, in the back of his pick-up and admiring this “apocalyptic” landscape all around, on the Masaya’s flanks. Many parrots and other wild animals still live there, unthinkable!

Once at the top, it was a little bit harder to breathe well because of the gas getting out of the crater but then, we just stayed open-mouthed, looking up this famous iron cross planted there by the Spanish conquerors to exorcise the volcano, as it was considered as the “mouth of hell”.

Marine, french intern in Albee Adventures.

Our Granada experience

IMG 3080Last week we went to Nicaragua, a very different country from Costa Rica, contrary to what I thought.

First, we walked through the colorful city of Granada, visiting its wonderful churches, before having a memorable boat tour throughout the volcanic islands of Cocibolca Lake. It’s amazing to see how the Mombacho volcano’s lava drew such a beautiful landscape some centuries ago.

From the lake, we enjoyed this amazing view over the town of Granada, with the top of the yellow cathedral sticking out of this green and blue setting.

Marine, French intern in Albee Adventures.


Music Day


What kind of music makes you feel better to start your day?

Actually, many types of music can make me feel good, but what really excites me, besides my work in Albee Adventures as travel designer, it’s playing music. I play guitar for many years, but lately, I did not have the time to indulge doing it. Until last weekend I found time to play and it definitively rewarded me. It helped to refill all my energies for beginning of a new challenging week. By the way, this week will be the International Music Day!

Julio, travel-designer in Albee Adventures.


World Environment Day

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Yesterday was the World Environment Day, an invitation to environmental gestures that we were happy to accept. As a gift for Mother Nature, Albee Adventures met the kids of the Guachipelin Public School to plant lemons, oranges, guavas and Cas trees in the garden of the school. Someday, those trees will give fruits, shadow and pure air to these schoolchildren, but above of this, our gesture also aims to help educating children to ecology, now that they are young and very receptive to these ideas.

By the way, do you know this fruit we call "cas", and how the "ticos" use to eat it?


Pure Trade Show in Marrakech.

This past  November, Albee adventures was present at the Pure Trade Show in Marrakech.

We had the opportunity to share with many other agents our product and our most memorable experiences in each of the different destinations that our company promotes throughout Centralamerica.

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