Monteverde Weekend

Last weekend I went to Monteverde, I left Friday & came back Sunday, too short!!!!!! I had such an amazing time hiking in Santa Elena & Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserves. The tracks are well maintained & if you´re lucky enough & quiet enough you´ll get to see some amazing animals; I saw one friendly deer, a whole family of monkeys, really weird insects & lots of colorful tiny birds.

And do not forget about the trees, oh trees, really old, super tall trees, surrounded by the mist, is just out of a dream!!!!! I stayed at El Establo Hotel – half Costa Rican-half Quaker, family owned hotel – my suite was huge & the view from the balcony was pretty amazing. I also did Costa Rica Sky Adventures, Sky Tram & Sky Trek – which I recommend 100%, if you like adrenaline this will keep you entertain!!!!! No mention the sights you have; Peninsula de Nicoya to the Arenal Lake!!!!! I could do this every day! The Cloud Forest is magical & I´ll be definitely going back!

Francesca – Travel Designer Thursday 14th August 2014