The Whales and Dolphins Festival

This weekend, I went to Uvita to enjoy the "festival de ballenas y delfines" with my friends. We were in the boat at 8:00 am the sunday, with a perfect sun!! The tour lasts 2 hours with the promise to see a lot of whales. We were 12 in the boat, more the driver and the guide, who where very happy to  answer our numerous questions about the whales!

At first, I was a bit desappointed, because during almost one hour, we didn't see anythings... But then, we saw a turttle, alone in the sea. Less than 5 minutes later, we discovered a whale, a female, and... Surprise! She was with her baby!! We went very close and we were enjoying the view while the guide explained us that a whales weighs 40 tons (88184.9 pounds!) and that the baby needs 200 litres of milk per day!! 

It was a wonderful sight that I'll never forget!!