Sail into idyllic archipelago in Panama

Wondering what is the most exclusive experience in Panama? Premium Cruise in San Blas islands! Spend a week on a luxurious privatized Catamaran and discover the 365 islands of this archipelago, located near the Carribean coasts. This area is a real postcard scenery of white sand beaches, coconuts trees, and turquoise waters.

An authentic destination where Guna Indians are living in a traditional way for more than 500 years. Women are still wearing “The Mola”, a traditional skirts and hand sewn blouses. They are used of painting their faces with rouge annatto seed and wearing a gold nose ring. This community got the right to govern their own territory autonomously and are very welcoming with tourists visiting the islands.

Only 10% of islands are habited, so there are plenty of solitaries anchorages, where you can relax while the crew will prepare you a barbecue on the beach or a ceviche with the catch of the day! Captain will bring you to abandoned islands, where your children will see friendly monkey families. Then you will spend some days at Coco Bandero, a set of tiny islands protected by a coral reef barrier, where the waters are transparent nearly year around!