Coffee Plantation

The Doka Coffee tour is located in the Costa Rica capital of coffee pantation, Sabanilla de Alajuela.  The main objective of the Coffee Tour is to educate and inform you about the process that growing coffee involves.

The tour takes you throughout our Doka estate and watermill.  Your tour guides are very knowledgeable and full of information that will make the tour a special learning experience.  You will hear about the history of the coffee farm, its owners, its geographic location, the traditional coffee growing methods, and also the coffee brewing tradition of 'chorrear'.  Your first stop will be “The Almacigo”, where the process of growing and producing fine coffee is covered from planting seeds to picking the ripened coffee berries.

From here you will visit the 'recibidor' (coffee bean receiver) where you will be show the first classification of the coffee beans as well as the different brands that are processed on the estate.

The oldest working water powered mill in the country is the next stop.  You will see the peeling machines, how they work and what is done with the coffee bean skins.  The fermentation tanks and their importance in the resulting task of the coffee follow.  The bodega is where we store our coffee and where export ready coffee kept.  You will also visit the sun drying patios and the roasting hall where you will see and smell the different roasts produced.

Once the tour is concluded you can visit the souvenir store which is full of great coffee and Costa Rican crafts perfect for gifts or home decorations.

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