River Kayak Tour

Kayak for a few miles on the lovely Orio River, starting at the village of Orio Abajo. On your way you will be accompanied by Howler monkeys, Iguanas, many birds and even Caymans. During the dryer season some portages may be required.

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Turtle Watching Tour

Witness the amazing ritual of Ridley Turtles returning to the same beaches where they were bort to lay dozens of eggs. The eggs hopefully will hatch and survive to replenish the various baby turtle who did not make it for various reasons.

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Orio Valley Horseback Riding

Enjoy the flora and fauna close up and on a sure footed cow pony in the pristine Orio Valley. The Valley and the Orio River are surrounded by beautiful mountains. On this tour you will see plenty of monkeys, iguanas, birds and other animal species.

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