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The hydrologic characteristics of the Tempisque River has created conditions to form these international important wetlands ecosystem (Ramsar site).

Palo Verde National park it is an exceptional place for birdwatchers and nature lovers in general, a two hours boat trip will introduce us into these important ecosystem, gigantic crocodiles, monkeys, iguanas and more wildlife that you ever imagined may be spotted. 

Great bird-watchers prizes can show up, such as the Jabiru, osprey, the white ibis, tiger herons, and scarlet macaws amongst others.

The Las Pailas section of the Rincon de la Vieja National Park is located very near Hacienda Guachipelin’s ranch.

From the hotel, you will walk 45 minutes on a picturesque forest trail to the national park entrance. The Las Pailas area, which means “the Cauldrons” in Spanish, spectacularly shows off the awesome power of the Rincón de la Vieja Volcano, the largest and most active volcano in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. Steam and sulfur pour out of yellow and rust-colored ground at natural fumaroles. Clay and coffee-colored pools boil with hot volcanic water. Smooth gray volcanic mud bubbles and explodes in large pits. It’s an experience like no other volcano in Costa Rica.

With the bilingual naturalist guide, you will hike the Las Pailas loop trail 2.5 miles (3.5 km) through dry tropical forest to see the best views of the volcano, incredible nature, volcanic activity and wildlife. The park is home to more than 300 bird species, and other animals like armadillos, collared peccaries, iguanas, snakes, white-nosed coatis, and white-faced, howler and spider monkeys. When we finish in the park, the day tour in Guanacaste ends with the walk back to Hacienda Guachipelin.

One of the most popular ATV tours!

You will follow your guide along forest paths to the golden beaches of south and north Tamarindo.  Depending on the season, you will see the most amazing animals such as eagles, tropical birds and iguana.

This tour lasts approximately 3 hours.

This tour is a full day expedition featuring a guided visit to Buena Vista Lodge.

On site, visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy the thrills of a 12 platform canopy or a walk on hanging bridges over the forest canopy, a 400 meters water slide through the forest, and horseback riding or tractor pulled cart to the rustic spa featuring thermal waters, steam and mud bath.

Duration:Full day


Round trip transportation, naturalist guide, activities on site and lunch.

On this half day trip, you will sail around Tamarindo Bay looking for marine life and enjoying the fabulous Tamarindo sunset

listening to sunset music and enjoying your favorite drink, snacks, dips and a plate of fresh tropical fruits.

You will find at least 50% of the fish species represented on the fish-chart that we carry on board.

During this tour you will have the chance to snorkel or kayak in a beautiful secluded bay area surrounded by puffer fish, trigger fish, rays, etc.  Of course, during the sail we set out to find dolphins, manta-rays, devil -rays and whales.

Whales can be spotted from December through March & April.

The Sunset Cruise includes all beverages such as cold beer, juices, soft drinks, water, snack, and a plate of tropical fruits.

Canopy Adventure

Witchs Rock Canopy Tour counts 24 platforms, 11 cables that go from the 100 meters to 450 meters in length, 3 suspension bridges, 3 scaling trees that include a pulley system to keep the person safe, the height is of approximately 10 meters, we also have 5 emergency exits (in case that anybody does not want to finish the tour, it must be before the fifth exit), tour has a duration of 1 ½ hour. After you have signed waiver (questionnaire of physical training conditions) we would guide you to the place where the equipment is for the adventure and you would receive instructions for your security and how to do canopy correctly to avoid accidents.

At time of green season (raining season) we have a waterfall that can be observed very well within tour, also we have gorgeous views of the Pacific Ocean. The guides would give a small review of the dry forest and flora and fauna within it. When finalizing tour we return to our facilities where you will be able to look the photos taken by the photographer of the Canopy and will be able to visit the souvenirs store and the coffee shop.

This is not just a lesson:

It is the first step in surfing. After years of experience teaching surfing we guarantee you will stand up and ride your first waves in just one lesson! If you don’t, you get a free lesson.

Our lesson begins on the beach with some theory and practicing the right movements and the position you have to use on the board. Then we go into the water and start surfing! The instruction takes 2 hours for group lessons and 1 ½ hour for a private lesson.

The Gulf of Papagayo offers year-round surprises for those who wish to stay above the water and the dynamic tours give you the perfect opportunity to enjoy them.

All of trips can include as many, or as few, activities as you wish, and you choose the rhythm of your day!

Activities included: Snorkeling, Fishing, Wildlife searching, Stand-up paddle boards and surfing, Innertubes, waterskis, wakeboard, Fabulous beach toys, Underwater microphone to listen to whales and dolphins, Subwing – “fly” underwater with the fish and dolphins.

This tour gives you a chance to explore and play as you wish… As the tour portion of the trip draws to a close, instead of taking you back to your hotel we will take you to a secluded beach where we will set up a delicious picnic lunch for all. Whether served on the boat or on a beach, it is the ultimate experience to dine in such a secluded and special environment. The menu consists of freshly prepared salads, fruits, and homemade desserts. After lunch you will be returned to your hotel.

This place is a wildlife sanctuary where exhilarating native fauna encounters on an expertly guided family adventure will be enjoyed.

As we float down the river, we will get to Caño Blanco Lagoon, one of our country´s last great wild places, where its peacefulness and beauty will astound us.

On the floating safari expedition, we may spot different species of mammals such sloths, bats, howler monkeys, spider monkeys and the white-faced capuchins. In addition, a vast assortment of aquatic birds such the herons, storks, king fishers, Jacanas, ducks, and no aquatic such trogons potoos, ospreys, hawks and big prizes for birdwatchers.

The exploration cannot finish without spotting some reptiles such the Jesus-Christ Lizard, Iguanas, turtles, caimans and maybe crocodiles… We will show you the secret living treasures of this world and describe them to you. At the end we will share, a very unforgettable experience with a real Costa Rican Family while eating some homemade delights at their farm and practice some Spanish with them. Come with us, Spanish lessons are a plus on this life experience.

This is a good combination of horseback ride and hike at a beautiful stage.

First you will be enjoying spectacular views of the San Carlos Valley and enclose tropical forest. Then our trained horses will take you until the entrance of the waterfall through pastures, forest and tall hills.

At the end of the road, we will leave the horses and we will descend though a natural trail until the base of the waterfall which is 70 meters high. At the base of this waterfall there is a natural pool. This fantastic area is very quiet and special to relax and swimming for a while.