Accommodations in Punta Gorda

Punta Gorda Town is located on the west coast of the Caribbean Sea in Southern Belize. It is geographically part of the Gulf of Honduras. The town is the administrative capital of the Toledo District. Punta Gorda is the gateway to the many attractions available in the Toledo district. From deep-sea fishing, to cave tubing and river boat trips, bird watching and visit of Maya Archaeological sites – the Toledo district and Punta Gorda offer everything a visitor to Belize will expect to find.

The town is surrounded by a breathtaking rainforest and beautiful sceneries of jungles and wilderness. To top it all off, Toledo is a district not only filled with natural beauty in abundance but also home to some of the nicest people. Here Maya, Garifuna and East Indian Belizeans live harmoniously while maintaining their individual cultures.

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