Join us to visit the surrounding villages

 Including the museum at the Convent/ Archbishop’s Palace in San Juan del Obispo,

daily life in San Pedro las Huertas and the Maya town of San Antonio Aguas Calientes which specializes in the finest authentic Maya textiles.

By far the best tour of Antigua.

Many worldwide travelers have called Elizabeth Bell one of the best tour guides in the world.

Meet your Antigua Tours guide at the fountain in the Main Plaza for a leisurely walk around this World Heritage Site.

The tour focuses on the city’s history, cultural trends and restoration efforts. We visit the City Hall Palace, Palace of the Captain’s General, the Cathedral with its majestic ruins, Antigua’s unique cultural lifestyle, Maya archeology through the spiritual stone of jade, and the best museums in town at Paseo de los Museos. The city comes to life.

Perhaps the most visually stunning and impressive of all Maya sites

Tikal’s five monolithic temples pierce the jungle canopy (Temple IV reaches a height of almost 230 feet) and ancient plazas, stelae and ball courts tell of a rich and powerful history when Tikal’s population reached almost 100,000.

Today the site is recognized as one of the archeological wonders of the Americas. Its unspoiled jungle setting within the Tikal National Park makes it a paradise for birders, nature lovers and amateur archaeologists.

Atitlan is a beautiful, 1,000 foot deep lake

The combination of Lake Atitlan´s natural beauty and Mayan culture provides stimulation, recreation and relaxation, depending on your mood. Nestled against three 10,000 foot volcanic peaks – Toliman, Atitlán and San Pedro.

 Along the shores of Lake Atitlán are a dozen Indian villages where life and customs have changed little over the centuries.

Fly over amazing views and treetops with wild deer

Experience an unforgettable adventure for the whole family at the Filadelfia Coffee Estate.

Choose between the mid-speed 6 segment zip line of the Forest Express Tour or the high-speed 2 steps zip line of the Canyon Express Tour.

Follow the path of the coffee bean from the nursery to your cup.

 Conclude with a seated educational tasting. Your driver picks you up in Antigua for the short drive to the farm and you later return to Antigua.

Watch results of the recent eruptions and the volcano smoking.  Hike back down and drive to your hotel in Antigua. Wear long pants and good shoes.

Experience incredible views

Enjoy private transportation from Antigua to the Pacaya Volcano National Park entrance where you will begin a 1 1/2 hr. hike up the volcano.

Watch results of the recent eruptions and the volcano smoking.  Hike back down and drive to your hotel in Antigua. Wear long pants and good shoes.

Visit Antigua in a different way

By driving in a vespa, golf cart or 4×4, through our beautiful city and taking photos of its historical places. You will visit the main churches, ruins and cultural centers.

Our guide will take you on a trip to colonial times so you can see the places where history took place.

Located in the Heart of the Mayan World, very close to the magnificent Tikal, Uaxactun and Yaxha ruins

 Las Lagunas Boutique Hotel invites you to experience the jungle at its best.

Set in the rainforest high above the shores of Lago Peten Itza is La Lancha

A quaint, 10-room lodge decorated with artwork and furniture from Bali , as well as fabrics and carvings from Guatemala personally selected by the Coppola family.

Beyond the clear water of the lake is Tikal, the epicenter of Mayan spirituality. Buried deep within the rainforest, the ruins include more than 3,000 structures where moss clings to the steps of ancient temples and plazas.