Zip Lining Experience

The experience starts at the top of one of the hills

From where you have a super view of the bay of San Juan del Sur and its surroundings. The experience consists of 16 cables that are connected through 17 platforms, most of them located up in the trees. There are many different cables, including slow, fast, short, and long parts. The longest cable is 328 meters; the highest one passes over a canyon measuring 70 meters deep; and at the fastest one you can reach a speed of 70 kilometers per hour!

The Zip Lining Experience is located only five minutes from the popular beach town San Juan del Sur. The experience offers 2.5 kilometers of zip-line in a rural setting where nature prevails. The Zip Lining Experience is located on the border of a farm at the foot of a hill. Nature is abundant in the area, and you can see animals including monkeys, raccoons, birds, and other animals.