Accommodations in Tortuguero- Pacuare

Tortuga Lodge, situated on 50 acres of private land on Costa Rica's northeast Caribbean coast.

Everything they have learned about designing nature lodges over the last 11 years has gone into the remodeling of Tortuga Lodge.

What they learned can be summarized in three words: “Reflect the place.” The essence of Tortuguero is slow-moving tropical rivers. Everything about Tortuguero is defined by the rivers. They are Tortuguero’s roads and Tortuguero’s soul. If a visitor wants to bring home the essence of Tortuguero he/she must get in tune with the rivers.

Manatus Hotel was designed to enjoy the natural beauties of Tortuguero.

Charming and comfortable environment with a lot of VIP services.

Rooms provide an extraordinary feeling of peace and comfort. Here you can enjoy nature at its maximum splendor, without sacrificing comfort.

A visit to the Pacuare Lodge is a journey to a magical place.

The beauty and diversity of tropical nature delight the senses, authentic Costa Rican hospitality makes you feel like part of the family.

The lodge comfortable bungalows and elegant suites are nestled between a pristine wilderness reserve and the Pacuare River Costa Rica´s most spectacular white water route. It is surrounded by tropical rainforest where colorful birds and butterflies flit through exuberant foliage and the songs of toucans and oropendolas complement the soothing sound of flowing water.

Getting there is half the adventure, since most guests stay at the Pacuare Lodge as part of a multi-day rafting tour on the Pacuare River, though it can be visited without rafting. That unforgettable river trip takes you through lush jungle and narrow canyons where tropical trees tower over the riverbank and crystalline waterfalls plummet out of the greenery.