Bocas del Toro

The excursion starts at the Bocas del Toro pier with a short boat ride to Playa de las Estrellas, the sea star beach

You will practice some snorkeling at the beach and admire the numerous sea starsfishes.

You will continue to Boca del Drago where you will have time to relax on a white sand beach and a calm turquoise sea.

At Boca del Drago you will also find a restaurant where you can have lunch. In the afternoon you will continue to Isla de los Pájaros, the Bird’s Island. The island offers a spectacular scenery and a large number of sea birds nesting here. After the Bird’s Island you will be taken back to Bocas del Toro.

In this bay, also called dolphin bay, the probability to spot dolphins is about 95%.

The tour starts at the Bocas del Toro pier with a short boat ride to Laguna Bocatorito.

You will spend some time watching them jump and play around your boat. You then continue to the Coral Keys to practice some snorkeling and to enjoy the colorful Bocas del Toro underwater world.

At the Coral Keys there is a restaurant where you can have lunch if you want to (not included in the tour!). In the afternoon you will continue the tour to the Zapatilla Keys, some of the most stunning islands of the Bocas del Toro archipelago. Both islands are inhabited and you will find pristine beaches and perfect privacy.

The idea is to offer guests a pure and intimate experience with nature in a place of singular beauty where they can relax in comfort

Punta Caracol was born out of the idea of creating an Acqua-Lodge in a totally virgin and natural environment.

Built over the Caribbean Sea, along a mile long coral reefed coast, Punta Caracol is constructed using the traditional methods of the Archipelago: each handsomely crafted cabin is built upon stilts which support a wooden frame over the water and covered by a palm leaf roof – an unforgettable habitat congruent with the native communities of the region.

Natural building materials offered by the rich nature of the region were used- different kinds of native woods and plants, clays, leafs, bamboo, wild cane and others. The result is a warm close-to-nature ambience that takes us back to our origins.

Enjoy one our nine exclusive cabins set over the crystal clear waters of the Bocas del Toro archipelago. From your private terrace you will be able to observe impressive sunsets interrupted only by playful dolphins.

Positioned above the blue Caribbean waters tucked into the edge of the rainforest

A new off-the-grid travel experience has come to life. Azul Paradise, resort and villas features 10 overwater villas along 3 acres of coastline — with miles of private white sand beaches, plus sailing, surfing and hiking adventures available right at our front office.

Azul Paradise offers countless options for adventure. Just a boat ride or walk away are rainforest zip-lining, snorkeling, sailing, paddle boarding and deep sea fishing. The archipelago is also home to the a large area of protected rainforest, wetlands, the Ngobe Bugle Indian Village, the most biologically diverse tropical coral reef in the region and the ultimate place for bird watching, bicycling and guided eco-hikes.

Located in Isla Bocas del Toro

A 10 minute water taxi ride from the airport and Bocas town. Red Frog Beach includes the Marina, Punta Lava Bar & Grill, Kayukos Restaurant and Lounge and 32 Luxury Villas with private pools.

The island also includes miles of rainforest trails, 5 beaches, the Zipline Canopy Tour, Catamaran Sunset Cruises, the Cave Tour and much more!