South Pacific

The South Pacific region of Costa Rica is known for its biological diversity, natural beauty and intensely complicated ecosystems. The National Geographic Magazine has called the area the most biologically intense place inland. This southern region offers dramatic landscapes and unforgettable adventures.

Could you miss this place? The best time to visit the area is during the months of January until April when it rains the less. But if the rain does not bother, then the flowers and the exuberant green of the forest would compensate the humidity. The one hour flight from San Jose to the region will transport you to another world.

The excellent vacation centers work through the area and are specialized in giving personalized attention to the adventurous tourist. Diving, snorkeling, taking long walks and observing birds is ideal for the true exploration of this territory.

Corcovado National Park

With more than 40.000 hectares, this park is an excellent example of primary forest. There are many flora species found here that are not in many other parks due the deforestation. The visitors will find an incredible abundance of animals in Corcovado. There are more than 400 species of birds, hundreds of amphibian species and mammals also surpass the hundred species. An incomparable gift of Corcovado is its population of Scarlet Macows. These noisy birds are not so difficult to sight if you can recognize their call. The trials in the park will take you through an amazing and lush tropical rain forest where you can see epiphytes, lianas and giant trees.





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