Bocawina zip-linig & rappelling

Bocawina National Park is 11 square miles of pristine mountains, jungles, swimming holes and unexcavated Mayan ruins

While the mystifying flora and fauna of the region certainly holds a level of enchantment over visitors to the park, it’s the unbridled excitement lying within that truly calls out to tourists. Once within this beautiful park, you can choose to either take on Belize’s longest (2,300 feet) zip line with its triple safety, 12 platforms and 8 runs or rappel off down the 100 foot Bocawina Falls to the pool below.

Glide like a bird through the pristine Rain Forest Canopy on the longest zip line in Belize with 12 platforms, 8 different runs and a rappel. The complete course is 2.5 miles long with the longest single run being 2,300 feet. Our zip line has triple safety.