Birding & Hiking

With so many different habitats packed into such a tiny country, it's no surprise that Belize is a paradise for Birdwatchers.

The Cayo district, with its many rivers, forests and jungle lodges, is one of the best places to spot some of Belize’s 560 species of birds. Nearly 300 different species have been sighted within 10 miles of San Ignacio alone, from hummingbirds to cuckoos to vultures, and many birding tours are available throughout the district.

Early morning is best for Birdwatching, there are over 175 bird species already recorded on site, some are common and others are quite rare. Using the on property hiking trails and riverbanks, a birder can get good sightings of Toucans, tanagers, orioles, hummingbird and many others in two hours. The balcony decks are also offer excellent lookout to forest canopy. Easy to mild walk.