Ocean Discovery

The Gulf of Papagayo offers year-round surprises for those who wish to stay above the water and the dynamic tours give you the perfect opportunity to enjoy them.

All of trips can include as many, or as few, activities as you wish, and you choose the rhythm of your day!

Activities included: Snorkeling, Fishing, Wildlife searching, Stand-up paddle boards and surfing, Innertubes, waterskis, wakeboard, Fabulous beach toys, Underwater microphone to listen to whales and dolphins, Subwing – “fly” underwater with the fish and dolphins.

This tour gives you a chance to explore and play as you wish… As the tour portion of the trip draws to a close, instead of taking you back to your hotel we will take you to a secluded beach where we will set up a delicious picnic lunch for all. Whether served on the boat or on a beach, it is the ultimate experience to dine in such a secluded and special environment. The menu consists of freshly prepared salads, fruits, and homemade desserts. After lunch you will be returned to your hotel.