White Water Rafting

The Palon Section (literally "big stick") of Rio Chiriqui Viejo river is a class III and IV with non stop excitement

Pristine tropical forest, and more. Considerably narrower than its counterpart and dropping at a faster speed the Viejo requires quick, tight maneuvering to get through the many rock gardens and enormous boulders and delivers continuous white water that contribute to its class IV ranking. This is a guaranteed ride of a lifetime for rafters seeking a thrill.

During dry season (Dec.-May): During your decent down the river, you will stop for lunch at beautiful location. Here, you will take a short hike to an incredible picturesque 30 foot waterfall. This is a truly remarkable sight.

During rainy season: (June-Nov.): With more water, and more speed, this time of the year is ideal for those searching for the biggest thrill. During this excursion, the river guide will lead a descent through the entire Palon section and most of the Sabo section of this river.

Minimum age: 12 years

Duration: 10 hours

Bring: clothes to swim (shorts, shirt, hat), dry clothes and towel for after the trip, sunscreen, water, shoes that will not come off your feet, copy of your passport.